YWAM Bridges of Life is involved in ministry all over the French southern region of Occitane.  From our home base in the northern village of St. Hippolyte-du-Fort, to local outreach ministries located in Montpellier on the southern coast.  Our campus consists of multiple buildings in the village of St. Hippolyte-du-Fort; the Chateau de Planque, which serves as our main base and outreach centre and The Bridge, which contains a cafe that serves the public and housing for hosting teams.  Both are located within a five minute walk from one another.

The Base

Our main hub of operations is the Chateau de Planque.  The Chateau is a refurbished building which dates back over 500 years. It is a building that effortlessly captures the French charm and architecture you would come to expect from a chateau.  

For centuries, the Chateau has been a place of family life and architectural enterprises.  On two occasions, it has been invaded and used as enemy headquarters: first with King Louis XIV's dragoon soldiers sent to suppress Huguenots and more recently in 1944 by SS Nazis seeking young French men evading service in their war effort.  Now we like to say it is a location that hosts the invasion of the Holy Spirit and what God wants to do on earth, in our community, France, and all of Europe.

The Chateau is home to our kitchen, prayer room, dining, dormitories, gardens, and more.


The Bridge is a four story building in the heart of the village that is approximately a five minutes walk from the Chateau.  The first floor contains a cafe and a classroom used for training schools.  The top three floors are used for housing our students and hosting teams.

THe Bridge

organic garden

God has given us an amazing centuries-old château as our base. We are developing some of the land as an organic garden and hope to add chickens in the future. Let us know if you would like to sow into the land, literally!


map of St.Hippolyte- du-fort

Here is an overhead look of our town where you can see the Chateau, the Bridge, and any bus locations to get here.  The walk from the Chateau to the Bridge is 600m (8 mins).