Worship, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, Evangelism

Equipping for Battle, Reaping the Harvest

The purpose of the W.I.S.E School is to discover, explore and grow in the relationship between fruitful evangelism and a deepening relationship with God in worship; discovering His plan for people, cities and nations in intercession and reinforcing His reign and authority through warfare praise and the prophetic declaration of His word.

The WISE school is a school where the disciplines within intercession, worship and spiritual warfare will be explored within the context of evangelism, the most aggressive form of spiritual warfare. How we pray for our cities and nations, what God reveals to us about our communities, determines how we evangelise, how we preach Christ, and how we demonstrate the manifest wisdom of God to the powers and principalities, thus releasing the captives, making disciples for Christ. 

This school is for DTS students who have a desire to grow  in the areas of worship, intercession and prophetic evangelism and for those who know God is specifically calling to bring the Kingdom to towns and cities and nations through worship, intercession, gifts of Holy Spirit and evangelism.

Subjects explored:

  • Intercession

  • Praise and Worship

  • How to pray for Israel

  • The Holiness and Sovereignty of God

  • The Good News for Muslims

  • Identifying the calling of nations, cities, individuals

  • Holy Spirit and Evangelism

  • The Priesthood

  • Jesus the Evangelist and Intercessor

  • The Anointing

  • The Word and the Spirit

Cost :


Start :

23 September 2021



17 December 2021


French & English

As well as training in these areas and extended times of worship and intercession, students will be
building relationships with local church, across the denominations, encouraging them in the
discipleship of their community, through evangelistic opportunities that are relevant to their
community, and in keeping with God’s call to them.

During the lecture phase, you will spend time in class engaging in teaching, worship, prayer and
intercession, living in community, serving the community in daily tasks, sharing in small groups and
one-on-ones with staff, in addition to going out weekly to Montpellier for ministry opportunities.

About the Leader

Ruth Provis 

Originally from England in the UK, Ruth first joined YWAM in 1997 in Scotland as part of an intercession ministry team. During her time there she staffed a school of worship, intercession and spiritual warfare and a school of evangelism as well as DTS. These were very formative years!

Ruth then spent 9 years serving in her home church in the above areas before being called back into YWAM in 2009 and to France. Ruth has been leading DTS for 10 years as well as leading the worship team, mentoring and being a transformational life coach. 


Her passion remains the same: the pursuit of God in worship, the advancing of His Kingdom on earth and transformational discipleship. The WISE school embodies all of these.