February 10th – 14th 2014 

During a time of prayer
The Father spoke very clearly to me…
He said:
Dudley, I would like you to host a gathering.
Call it, ‘Creativity, Invention and Innovation’.
There are so many things I would like to share with my children, but no one is asking me.
I said, ‘YES’…so…

I am not calling it a seminar or even a workshop.
It is truly a simple ‘gathering’ of people who believe that the Father loves His children and desires to speak to them. I believe that our Lord would like His children to be the most creative, inventive, and innovative people on earth. For we have an intimate relationship with the Creator Himself!

We are going to spend time worshipping the Father, the Son and the Spirit. And we will spend time listening. We will spend time by ourselves. And we will spend time together. We will spend time sharing what we receive. And we will spend time praying for each other as we seek to understand be faithful with the revelation that we receive.

If you have a deep desire to receive revelation for creating, inventing or innovating new things, this may be the gathering for you. Or perhaps you simply have a burden for birthing new things and you have yet to be able to set aside time to allow the revelation to come. There are no limits to the categories or domains in this gathering. It could be in any sphere imaginable in our created world!

And of course there will be time to enjoy the many blessings of the South of France together.

Dudley Weiner

Space is limited. First come first serve.
For cost and details, please contact Dudley at: