January 12th – 17th 2014 

We believe that our Heavenly Father
is putting many new revelations
into the hearts of His children at this time.
It could be a story to write.
It might be a fresh way of looking at old truths. Maybe it is a new song or poem.
It could be sketches, drawings, sculptures or paintings.
Maybe it is a screenplay or a theater piece.
It could be just about anything!

Too often, the difficulty with our creativity is getting started.
If you would like to set aside a concentrated time, in a beautiful place, to ‘get started’. We may have exactly what you need…

Come to the South of France and Co-Create with the Creator.

Come and join a community of followers of Jesus who are going to dedicate a week to ‘pour out’ and share with others, what the Father has ‘poured into’ us.

The primary objective is to set aside time for YOU to individually ‘create’ and ‘bring into being’ that which the Father has placed within each of us.

There will also be times to share with others, ‘in a safe and encouraging environment’, what it is that the Father is birthing in and through us.

And of course there will be time to enjoy many of the blessings of the South of France together.

Space is limited. First come first serve.
For cost and details, please contact Dudley at: