I believe that the best way to understand our relationship with the Father is through the ‘idea of a story'. He is telling a story through humanity, countries, cultures, regions, cities, neighborhoods, families and individuals.

We, at Bridges of Life, have been invited into the story of a people who have been in this region for centuries.  It is the story of the Huguenots, or the French Protestants.


Saint Hippolyte du Fort is a very unique town with a very unique history of faithfulness, compassion, determination, tenacity, boldness, and fearlessness. Just after the Protestant Reformation our city quickly became 98% Protestant. Over the centuries they hid and protected the Jews. They inspired and encouraged peaceful resistance in the face of persecution. And they refused to flee, back down or deny their faith when confronted with a martyr's death.


We believe that the roots of this spiritual passion will once again be fanned into flames as revival fires are ignited.


Sounds of Revival

Sounds of Revival is a ministry where we write songs about God and release them to the world. We go out to the streets, cafes, churches to spread God's love and presence everywhere.


Team Xtreme France is an evangelism ministry composed of people who want to witness to what God has done in their lives using active and creative means. Our desire is to see many people liberated through Jesus to walk in their destiny.



La Celle is a large community for those in difficulty (homeless, immigrants, etc.) located about 25 minutes from our base. When able, we send students and teams to minister to the children and adults through games, face-painting, bible puppet shows and more.



We are always looking for ways to be a bridge from the love of Jesus to our beloved St. Hippolyte du Fort. More opportunities to reach out to our village are being started soon.




Every Thursday night, we have a time of worship that is open to the public. We love it when our friends from the village and near by cities are able to join us as we glorify our Father in Heaven.



Worship and Intercession are very important to us. That is why they are a part of our values. Our vision is to one day have a place of 24/7 continual prayer and worship. Right now, for our community, we have a prayer room that open and available all the time.




For a long time, God has placed it on our hearts to open a cafe. We hope to soon have our cafe up and running. If you are interested in helping out with the cafe, contact us and we will let you know where we are at in the process and how you can join in.




We firmly believe that, as followers of Jesus, the Presence of the Living God is within us through the Spirit. Therefore, where ever we go, God goes. And wherever God goes, everything changes!

The implications of this reality invite us into a daily adventure with our Heavenly Father. We have come to believe that our Father is not interested in us doing anything FOR Him. Rather, He delights in us doing things WITH Him. He is bringing His Kingdom, His way and in His timing to Earth. And we are invited into the adventure!

As a result, everything that we do is spiritual and has a deep eternal impact. It could be cooking a meal, cleaning the toilets or leading worship. It could be pulling weeds, proclaiming the gospel in the streets or praying for a friend. It could be listening to a broken heart, delivering someone from demons or healing the sick.


It is all from the Father, just like Jesus and through the Spirit.


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JEM Ponts de Vie

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