• f r e q u e n t l y a s k e d q u e s t i o n s •


Do I need to speak both French and English?

Everything will be done in both languages. You only need to know one of them. The speakers, the students and the staff are international.

What is the length of a DTS?

There will be 3 months of lecture phase followed by 3 months of Outreah (practical phase). You will return to France for a final week of debriefing followed by a graduation celebration!

Where will I go on outreach?

Once you’ve been accepted as a student, we will send you more info regarding the outreach locations. This is so you can be praying about where God would have you go.

During the first 2 weeks of DTS we will talk and pray more about these outreach options. We will then ask you where you think God wants you to go. We take very seriously what you have heard from God and the staff will prayerfully make the final decision.

Can I just do the lecture phase?

No, the outreach phase is just as important as the lecture phase. Without the outreach phase, it is impossible to get credit for this school.

Once I’ve successfully finished DTS, what are my options?

You are free to apply for further YWAM training schools around the world. You are also qualified to apply to become staff at a YWAM base (including ours! We love it when students are led to stay!)

Do I get a diploma at the end of the school?

The University of the Nations issues diplomas for those who pass their school.

How many hours of lectures are there?

There are 16 hours of teaching a week. In addition there will be worship and intercession, times of outreach preparation, small groups, one-on-one conversations with your staff member and practical work in and around the house.

What does it take to graduate from DTS?

If you come hungry to grow and maintain an open and teachable spirit, staying faithful to the weekly schedule – you’ll be fine!

What sort of academic work is required?

  • A weekly journal
  • Book reports on assigned books
  • Reports on the local area and on the country/area of your outreach (the people, their culture, religions, etc.)

Will internet be available?

Yes, during the lecture phase. During Outreach it will vary depending on location.

What qualifications are needed to apply for this school?

No qualifications are required. Anyone can apply for the school as long as you are age 18 -81 and have finished high school.

Are the weekends free?

Most weekends (Saturday & Sunday) are free during the lecture phase. During the Outreach you will often be doing ministry during weekends but you will always get a day off.

Can I bring my musical instrument?

Yes, please do! We love to worship and we welcome the participation of students.

Can I receive visits during my DTS?

Our capacity for lodging people is limited and we also want to make sure you are free to get the most out of your DTS. But please let us know if you would like to receive a guest and we’ll see if it is possible.

What about laundry?

There is a washing machine available and lines for drying clothes. The cost is 3 euros per load and includes detergent.